Audi RS 7 Review

By   |  February 12, 2014


People with pockets running so deep that forking out over a crore of Rupees wasn't a problem at all were limited till now by one fact. The choice of cars available to them was, for the most part, pretty boring sedans. Mind you, these sedans were brilliant cars in their own right when it came to luxury, technology and performance; but their looks weren’t going to cause any eyes to widen. However, clap eyes on the Audi RS7 and unless your heart is made of stone and you have no passion for cars whatsoever, it is guaranteed that your mouth will fall to the floor! With the bigger engine and all its styling tweaks, the RS7 is a sportier, faster, harder version of the beautiful Audi A7 Sportback.

Powertrain & Performance

The Audi RS7 has a colossal 4.0 litre, twin turbocharged, direct injection petrol engine that belts out a stratospheric 553 bhp; enough power to take this car from a standstill to hurtling down the road at 100 kph in just 3.9 seconds. And that———s sports car territory. The best part about the RS7 is that it delivers the best of both worlds. Sit in the contoured, sports seats and you can drive about effortlessly and smoothly in comfort mode. The RS adaptive air suspension that the RS7 comes equipped with helps in this regard as well, allowing adjustments to make it pliant or sharp, as and when the driver desires. But engage sport mode, pull on the left paddle behind the steering wheel a couple of times to downshift the 8 speed automatic transmission lightning-fast through the gears and you can rocket forwards like a bullet out of a gun. The RS7 obviously also has Audi———s legendary Quattro permanent 4 wheel drive system which, along with all the electronic driver aids in this car, makes crashing very difficult even for the most butter-fingered drivers!

Build & Styling

The front of the car is typically sedan-like and very Audi; but then the roofline, instead of dropping down to meet the boot lid, swoops down in a fabulous arc and flows into the boot lid. This is a car for people who have a sense of style and want to stand out. Differences from the standard A7 are sporty, 20 inch alloys (21 inchers are also available, as an option) that look like scalpels, a curved rear spoiler and a matte finish paint job. On the inside, quality is superlative and everything now has a racy touch. The steering wheel has a flat bottom and the whole cabin ambience now befits a car that can batter a lot of sports cars out there. The audio system in the RS7, a player made by Danish company Bang & Olufsen, is one of the absolute best in the business. But even if it is switched off, the occupants can always listen to that fantastic V8 roar, which is a sonata by itself for petrolheads.


The Audi A7 was a car that a lot of people instantly fell in love with due to its beautiful, flowing shape. The RS7 builds upon that and it———s a car for people who want to be able to drive their car like a missile and look good while doing it. The RS7 still has the obscure steering that the A7 and that does erase some part of the whole driving experience; but, it is packed to the hilt with gadgets and gizmos, the build quality is out of this world and it has the ability to take you in sumptuous comfort to a track, thrash most of the cars there and then take you back home; again in sumptuous comfort! As an overall package, the Audi RS7 is one of the best cars on Indian roads today.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Brilliant performance
    • Super luxurious interiors
    • Very comfortable ride
  • Cons

    • Obscure steering