ICML Extreme Review

By Amithash Bhatt   |  September 27, 2013


International Cars and Motors Ltd., a brand little known to many Indians has produced people friendly MUVs in the past. Its latest offering is the Extreme which is an advanced version of the Rhino which has been recognised for its functionality offered at affordable price. The Extreme is loaded with two different types of mills which to suit different drive qualities. Although similar in size the Common Rail Turbocharged engine is capable of producing 120 bhp which is higher than the Direct Injection engine. Available in 7, 8, 9 and 10-seater options, the ICML Extreme is big in terms of interior space and comfort. Although the MUV looks boxy from the outside, the product does not fall short in terms of equipment and gadgets which make every drive more pleasurable and safe.

ICML Extreme is offered in three different variants namely SD, LD and VD which feature different equipment that deliver different levels of comfort. The colour shades available in each variant are different with SD and VD trims getting four colour tones each.

Powertrain & Performance

Two different varieties of engine power the large MUV to deliver smooth and powerful drive. The 2.0L Common Rail Direct Injection Turbocharged engine ranks higher with its power which comes up to 120 bhp @ 4000 rpm. The maximum torque for this mill is rated as 270 Nm @ 2500 rpm. This mill drives the wheels with great confidence irrespective of the type of type of terrain that challenges it. On the other side the 1994 cc Direct Injection type Turbocharged engine too delivers decent output with the maximum power being 98.6 bhp @ 3600 rpm and a rated peak torque of 240 Nm @ 2000-2500 rpm. Both the power mills couple with 5-speed manual gearbox meticulously to drive with more authority.

Independent Double Wishbone type suspension and Semi Elliptical Leaf Springs come out with superior driving comfort, great handling and greater durability because of their sturdy nature. With power steering option, driving this long wheelbase automobile becomes easier.

Build & Styling

The boxy design of ICML Extreme pleases audience for the way it is decorated and its tall stance. With silver colour combination for lower half of the body which includes front bumper, side cladding, wheel arches and rear, the MUV looks classy. The front gets large headlamps and a boldly designed grille with silver finish. The bonnet scoops with silver shade gives an aggressive attitude to the front while the body decals included in rear cheater panel makes the Extreme trendier. To add more juice to the overall appeal, wheel caps are stylishly designed and the MUV has body coloured door handles which adds on as premium quotient. The LD variant gets additional body graphics and has a unique sporty Red and White colour combination in the offering.

The interior of ICML Extreme inclines towards functionality and premiumness rather than beautifying curves or luxury. Dual-tine fabric used here is pleasing for the sight and gives a welcoming feel. Features in each variant differ from one another. For ex: there is a three row AC in SD variant while LD variant gets a single AC in the options list. Music system and power windows are other value added features in the MUV. ICML has emphasised more on the seating arrangement in the Extreme. Each variant of this MUV gets different kinds of seats which can accommodate 7 to 10 passengers. The interior is spacious enough for passengers to travel without stress.

ICML has managed to include few basic safety necessities in the Extreme. While the structure has protection beams on the sides and on the front, the interior has collapsible steering column which avoids injury to driver in the event of a crash. The VD variant gets fog lamps, Bull guard and rear guard as well. Child Safety Locks are available with all variants of the Extreme.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • AC
    • Power Steering
    • Child Safety Locks
  • Cons

    • More Comfort Features Could have been added