Isuzu D-Max Space Cab Flat Deck Review

  July 14, 2014


Looking at the rising demand in the pick-up truck segment, Isuzu launched the space cab variant of its popular truck, the D-Max. This variant sits above the entry level variant and offers you additional storage space inside at a very reasonable price. Does this version make more sense than its other variants?

Powertrain and Performance

There are no changes made in this department as it retains Isuzu's biggest strength in the form of its 2.5 litre, 4 cylinder CRDI engine which is also seen in the other variants of the D-Max. This engine is the downsized version of the 3.0L diesel engine doing duty in Isuzu's flagship model, the MU-7. Given the fact that people will use the D-Max Space Cab to transport heavy goods from place to place, it has a very powerful engine which will always feel active on work. The rear payload capacity is also similar to the other variants of the D-Max. The performance of this truck is also enjoyable thanks to its responsive engine which has a maximum power output of 134 bhp. With a torque output of 294 Nm which is available straight away from 1800 rpm, the D-Max makes for a perfect utility vehicle which can easily take the heavy load without causing much stress to the driver. Suspension is also adequately tuned to meet its regular usage making the D-Max a much less bouncy vehicle than others available in this category.

Moreover, it has a claimed top speed of 175 kph which indicates its performance. Tilt-adjustable power steering is also first in category which makes it a driver favorable truck. The usage of power steering is also like any other SUV and gives you a nice hold of the truck when you deal with traffic. It is also easy to park this pick-up anywhere and with its less turning radius, one can use it more frequently if compared to its rivals. Engine comes mated with a five-speed manual gearbox which offers nice gear shifts and come with well matched gear ratios. The short first two gear ratios makes it easy for you to take off from standstill without any hassle and gives you nice momentum while crawling in traffic or moving uphill.

Build and Styling

The D-Max Space cab shares its styling cues with the single cab version and looks like the visually the stripped down version of range topping, Arched Deck variant although there is no change in the basic style and design of the vehicle. The vertically placed multi-reflector headlights are also available in this variant and so is the sporty bonnet scoop giving it a familiar yet funky look from front. The front grille however lacks the premium chrome treatment and features an all black colour theme. Moreover, the front bumper, outside rear view mirrors and door handles also lack the body color treatment and comes in basic black colour. The visual differences though lie at the side where you can see the stretched version of its front cab which indicates towards the increased space inside. Apart from this, the Space cab variant retains the sporty visual characteristics such as raised suspension, bold wheel arches and high ground clearance. It also gets slightly different tail lights making this truck look strikingly different from the upper variant. There are noticeable changes inside the cabin as well which become evident as soon as you take the front seats. There is considerable space behind the front seats which is the biggest USP of this vehicle. This 1.5 ft storage space can be used to carry fragile luggage. Moreover, it provides safety to the luggage from outside atmospheric conditions. This space will be very handy for drivers who often carry their belongings and need a safe place for them. The back side of this space is supported by good quality of fabric making sure even if a person jumps back in the place then he don't get hurt by the surroundings and if seen practically, an adult can easily occupy this space by sitting horizontally inside (just for an instance). Rest of the interior is similar to what we have seen in the single cab version. It has same four-spoke steering wheel and longer gear knob taking the premium touch away from it although the cabin and material quality is significantly better than its rivals. There is good amount of leg and shoulder room for the front passengers despite the addition of the storage space. There is no option of power windows in this variant as well and the door pad treatment is also different than its premium sibling.


The Space Cab variant of the D-Max is priced at INR 6.35 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) which makes it around INR 22,000 costlier than the base variant. Yes, it offers the same performance, mileage and features as the base variant even after paying an additional amount of money but, it offers more space which makes it quite good value for money. Moreover, choosing this variant over the base variant is quite a subjective decision, because only a few people might find the extra space useful and handy. Many others may not find it reasonable to spend the extra amount for just 1.5 ft of extra space. The choice is completely yours.