Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible Review

By Amithash Bhatt   |  July 26, 2013


Jaguar has unveiled its open-top sports car in style, with a new V6 engine and technologically advanced transmission which deliver a breathtaking and responsive drive. The structure is engineered to possess dynamic characteristics while standing rich in terms of aesthetics. Carrying a price tag of more than Rs. 1 crore, the sports car stands in an elite-class and delights customers through its sophistication, responsive driving characteristics and exceptional handling. Borrowing the platform from the grand tourer XK, this brand new open-top wagon is built of a whole new design language which takes agility, comfort and safety to the furthest and lets the customer enjoy every drive to the fullest.

Jaguar F-Type comes out with two powertrains and has multiple features and equipment which come out as options. A wide range of colours for soft-top and interior upholstery are also available along with different types of seats to suit the comfort level and preference of customer.

Powertrain & Performance

Jaguar has designed two powerful engines for the F-Type which uses Superchargers to come out with superior power and great torque. The newly designed V6 is a 2995 cc petrol motor which carries supercharger designed to house boost control technology for better output power. There are secondary throttle valves in the motor to escalate torque throw. The maximum power that comes out from this motor is 375.4 bhp @ 6500 rpm. Peak torque delivered from the powertrain is 339 Nm @ 3500-5000 rpm. The larger V8 engine is a 5000 cc motor which employs supercharger, spray-guided direct injection technique and dual independent variable cam timing technology for more refined output. Maximum power for this technologically advanced motor is 488.1 bhp @ 6500 rpm. Maximum torque generated from the motor is 460 Nm @ 2500-5500 rpm.

The 8-speed Quickshift automatic transmission is one of the engineering wonders because of its intelligence and operational precision. The system is capable of understanding various driving situations and shifting gears automatically. It melds characteristics of Dual Clutch Transmission and automatic gearbox to make the drive more efficient and powerful.

Build & Styling

The design of Jaguar F-Type follows principles of supreme aerodynamics and makes the audience spell bound purely thorough its style and finish. With splitters on front and rear venturi, the car manages to take advantage of the air that flows over the body, directing it properly to gain higher stability and speed. The hood is designed to have a bulge and scoops for better cooling of the engine. Headlamps with LED fit the overall front finish magnificently to give the car a brilliant appeal from the front. The convertible fabric roof of the car is light in weight and works automatically through the push of a button.

The seats and the dashboard of Jaguar F-Type are built around the comfort of driver. The seats are designed in two types for sportier posture of driving. Leather and other high-quality materials are extensively used in the cabin to bring a richer environment in the space. Touchscreen video display and powerful audio system take care of infotainment necessities of the interior. AC with two dials is designed to regulate the temperature on left and right side zone of the automobile. The audio system and Bluetooth device of the cabin gets steering wheel operated controls for easier operation.

The braking system of Jaguar F-Type has large 380 mm discs and calipers with large contact surface for better braking force. The company has opt Computational Fluid Dynamics to design scoops in suspensions and ducts which enable better cooling of disc brakes and hence higher performance. EBA and EBD make use of electronic components to give superior braking effect. Pedestrian Contact Sensing System is another sophisticated technology which can sense impact with pedestrians and instantly deploy the hood of the car to protect them from serious injuries.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Two-Zone AC
    •  Pedestrian Contact Sensing System
    •  Powerful Audio System
  • Cons

    • Expensive