Lamborghini Huracan Review

By   |  September 2, 2014


Lamborghini is a name that almost everyone on Earth is aware of. The cars made by this company are as powerful as they are evocative. These vehicles have adorned the bedroom walls of scores of kids as pin-up posters and all one needs to do is clap eyes on a Lambo to know why. They look like cars from the future, sound oh-so-glorious and can go faster than most other vehicles on the planet. The latest addition to their fleet, the Huracan, promises to be more of the same. And best of all, it has arrived in India. Can we get a hallelujah?!

Powertrain and Performance

This is of course the business end of any Lamborghini. Situated right behind the passengers is a 5.2 litre V10 petrol engine that belts out an insane 602 bhp. The drive is channelled by a 7 speed, double clutch, automatic transmission to a 4 wheel drive system. Just the process of getting these cars to go includes a lot of theatre. Step inside, strap yourself in, foot on the brake, lift the flap above the starter button with a strong sense of 007-ness and thumb the ignition to bring the engine to life with a piercing roar. In a car that can accelerate from nought to 100 kph in 3.2 seconds and hit a (claimed) top speed of 325 kph, it could not get more dramatic than this! At slower speeds, this new baby Lambo is surprisingly civilised and comfortable, even more so than the Gallardo we all adored. There is no mistaking the fact that there is a raging V10 right behind you but that said, you can easily hold a conversation without having to raise your voice. However, find an open road, plant your right foot solidly on the loud pedal and the noise that erupts from the engine is almost Godlike! The power delivery is not a spike so much as an unrelenting pull to dizzying speeds. You know just how powerful the Huracan is when you see the speedo needle pointing to 200 in under 10 seconds. There is a lot of electronic nannying on this car and, as a result, it is easier to drive at high speeds than you would expect; poles apart from the Lambos of old which tried to kill you at every given chance.

Build and Styling

The Gallardo showed significantly more restraint (in the design department, nowhere else!) than the older generation Lamborghinis and the Huracan continues down the same path. The Huracan is instantly recognisable as a Lamborghini but it manages to not be outrageous. With its low, road hugging stance and sharp looks, it appears to be more of a rocket powered go-kart than an actual car. But this cars Audi parenthood means that it gets some practicality too; like the fact that the nose can be raised by 4cm to avoid some road imperfections. Several styling elements have been lifted from the Aventador and that gives the Huracan some true Lambo DNA. The interiors are built in true Lamborghini style as well. With its hexagonal air vents, flat bottomed sports steering wheel, toggle switches on the centre console and the starter button with a red protector, it feels more like sitting in the cockpit of a state-of-the-art fighter aircraft than in a car. Come to think of it, the Huracan is actually more of a fighter aircraft for the road. This car also gets magnetorheological suspension that, albeit a touch on the stiff side, works extremely well on our roads. All in all, this is a sportscar that you might actually think of using everyday.


The Huracan is more refined, better built, more comfortable, better equipped and more powerful than the already terrific Gallardo. It manages all this while still staying true to its Lamborghini roots. At a snatch under INR 3.5 crores (ex-showroom, New Delhi), this car might have a stratospheric price tag but the experience you get from owning and driving one of these is no less stratospheric! We like it immensely.