Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus Review

By Amithash Bhatt   |  August 16, 2013


The pick-up truck market in India is as rapidly growing as the economy of the country. Automobile manufacturers are bearing the responsibility of manufacturing trucks that can fit the needs of customers. Mahindra is one of the brands which is making big in the pick-up truck arena by continuously updating its portfolio. Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus has been added to this segment to offer something bigger than its cousin, the Bolero Maxi Truck. Built to bear a higher pay load limit with larger loading and area, yet being as efficient as any other competitor, the truck comes out as a wonderful package which addresses the needs of customers.

The truck is available in a four variants with both BS III and BS IV engine options. The vehicle comes out with and without power steering option and has two colour shades in its list namely Bold Beige and Diamond White.

Powertrain & Performance

Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus gets a 2.5L direct injection common rail engine which delivers 63 bhp @ 3200 rpm. The much needed torque for a pick-up vehicle comes up to 195 Nm @ 1400-2200 rpm through this engine. Mahindra claims that fuel economy of Bolero Maxi Truck Plus comes up to 17.7 kmpl. The engine is designed to be maintenance free where the engine oil can be changed at every 20,000 km. Mahindra manufactures both BS III and BS IV compliant motors for this truck. The motors are mated to 5-speed manual transmission system.

The suspension system of Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus is sturdy and is designed to be flexible to under different load and road conditions. Semi-elliptical leaf springs with anti-roll bar is fit over front wheels while the rear wheels carry semi-elliptical leaf springs which are known for its load carrying capability. Mahindra has equipped the front wheels with disc brakes and the rear wheels with drum type brakes. The truck also gets power steering which is much needed for a pick-up vehicle.

Build & Styling

The build quality for Mahindra trucks has always been rugged and the new Bolero Maxi Truck Plus is not very different from this. The load carrying area and so is the wheel base lengthened to give more cargo space. Being built on the Bolero pick-up platform the vehicle is robust right from the basic structure. Thanks to the structure and the suspension of this vehicle, the payload for the truck comes up to 1150 kg. The truck also comes with a short turning radius of 5.5 m which makes it easily manoeuvrable in narrow roads of cities and towns. Further, to make the build appealing, Mahindra has fit the wrap around headlamps and has styled the front grille to look similar to those on other SUVs that are rolled out from its plant. The front bumper with circular fog lamps does not fail to induce that solid appeal in the truck.

The cabin of Mahindra Bolero Maxi truck Plus is built to carry two people including the driver and there is enough room for the two. The seats get fabric upholstery and this is further extended for door trims making the entire space admirable. The dashboard is simple in its design and bears some storage area. Mahindra has also fit a mobile holder and charger in the cabin of this truck. The design of instrument panel with dual-tone background gets added as an aesthetic factor.

Mahindra has designed the front of the vehicle to be solid and safe guard passengers. The front disc brakes not only does improve the braking efficiency but also becomes a factor of safety when the vehicle is loaded and has to be stop instantly when at high speeds. There is also an immobiliser that is fit on board in the Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus to protect the vehicle against theft.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Disc brakes
    • Rugged suspension
    • Short Turning Radius
  • Cons

    • Styling could have been better