Mahindra Maxximo Plus Review

By Amithash Bhatt   |  August 16, 2013


Mahindra is known for technological innovations it has brought into the Indian automobile sector. Being one of the major players in commercial vehicle market, the brand has rolled out many mini-trucks previously. Maxximo has been one of its prominent products and the company has now rolled out the improvised version of this model, the Maxximo Plus. Mahindra has emphasised on core areas of a commercial vehicle which are fuel economy, load carrying capacity and maintenance while designing Maxximo Plus and the mini-truck looks promising with certain best-in-class features.

The two-seater load carrier is available in both CNG and petrol fuel options. There are two colour options for this rugged truck which are Appy Red and Diamond White.

Powertrain & Performance

Mahindra has fabricated the engine of Maxximo Plus to deliver the best output with low fuel consumption and least maintenance required. The vehicle has good pickup and enough torque at its crank to carry heavy loads successfully. The two-cylinder engine has four valves in each cylinder and uses a dual overhead camshaft assembly to operate these valves. The maximum power produced from the engine is 26 hp @ 3600 rpm and the maximum torque comes up to 55 Nm @ 1800-2200 rpm. The Fuel Smart technology is perhaps the most highlighted aspect in this mini-truck. This technology allows the driver to choose between power mode and eco mode of an engine. Power mode comes to play in occasions where the vehicle is carrying heavy load or is running up on a steep hill or is in a hurry to deliver goods. The eco mode is for more relaxed driving and this mode helps save fuel by optimizing on power output. The driver can switch between modes by pushing a control button in the cabin.

The rear suspension comprises of 7-leaf spring which peaks the load carrying capacity of the vehicle. The braking assemble is smart enough to sense the load in the vehicle and boost the braking power to work accordingly. Cable operated 4-speed manual transmission enables smooth shift of gears for better driving comfort.

Build & Styling

Mahindra Maxximo Plus gets wrap-around headlamps which help for clearer vision in all lighting conditions. The exterior looks simpler and attractive with body graphics on doors. The load carrying area is large and is built with certain stiffeners on the sides of the loading compartment which holds load in place while travelling. The black bumper with meshed air intake looks appealing on the cargo vehicle.

The interior of this mini-truck is designed to match in-line with a car. The dual-tone seats and the design of dashboard reflect urbane attitude. Dashboard is very well finished for a min-truck and houses some top-class design entities to serve customers in better way. The 12V mobile charging point becomes an added advantage for customers when travelling over long distances. Headroom and legroom in cabin is ample and the addition of dummy foot pedal lets the driver rest his foot during long distance drives where clutch is not used frequently.

The body of mini-truck is rigid and toughly built to bear impacts during accidents. Between bumper and chassis there is a structure which is mould to withstand force of collision and protect passengers from injury. Load Sensing Proportioning Valve with boosters can sense the load conditions and aid for better braking.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Higher Load Carrying Capacity
    •  Mobile Charging Point
    •  Greater Fuel Efficiency with Intelligent Systems
  • Cons

    • Long Body Makes Vehicle Look Disproportionate