Mahindra Xylo Review

By Amithash Bhatt   |  August 16, 2013


After the launch of the facelift version, back in early 2012, Mahindra has altered the variant list of its premium MUV, Xylo for the year 2013. H-Series is the new range been included in variant list and the models have come out with some technologically advanced features and carry a refined mHawk motor which is available on all models which have the ———H——— nomenclature. The car has turned much more valuable with new equipment in its bag. This is speculated to be a move against new launch in the MUV space, the Enjoy and also a mode of battling upcoming models which includes Ford EcoSport that falls in price category that is close to Xylo.

The SUV leader has retained D2 and D4 variants of Mahindra Xylo and has replaced E-Series variants with H4, H8 and H9. The MUV has six different colour options namely Toreador Red, Mist Silver, Java Brown, Diamond White, Fiery Black and a newly added Dolphin Gray shades. The new colour is available only with H8 and H9 variants.

Powertrain & Performance

Mahindra Xylo has two diesel engines for its variants which have different power and fuel economy ratings. The D2 and D4 models come loaded with 2.5L mDi CRDe engine which generates 95 bhp @ 3600 rpm and has a torque rating of 220 Nm @ 1400-2600 rpm. The new H-Series models get the renowned mHawk motor that was previously available with only E-9 variant. The 2.2L engine is much refined to deliver better mileage. It generates 120 bhp @ 4000 rpm giving the vehicle a commanding road presence. The torque produced from the engine comes out to be 280 Nm @ 2400-2800 rpm which gives the MUV a smoother drive at lower range speeds and quick take over at mid and high range speeds. The power from the motor couples with a 5-speed manual transmission which is engineered for smoother drivability and higher fuel economy. The company claimed mileage figures for the H variants is 14.02 kmpl which is pretty impressive figure for an MUV of its size.

Mahindra has fit double wishbone type Independent Front Suspension at front and Multi-link coil spring at rear wheels of the Xylo. The driving is backed by Extra Stability Technology which reduces boy roll and induces greater confidence in the driver. Equipped with disc brakes at front and drum brakes at rear and backed by ABS system, the MUV attains a commanding driving position the moment it comes on road.

Build & Styling

Mahindra has not made changes to the exterior of its MUV to retain the premiumness which is exuded by the Xylo. Be it the vertically split front grille, large wheel arches, black strips on B, C and D pillars and rear roof spoiler with brake light, Xylo remains that bulky MUV from all angles. However, the changes made to the car come in the form of new equipment like the Cruise Control, Voice Command Assist and Reverse Parking Assist which are now spread across H variants. The Dolphin Gray shade looks classy over the hefty vehicle and makes no mistake in upholding the personality of Xylo at first sight.

The interior of a people mover is generally expected to be purpose oriented and comfortable to passengers at the same time. Xylo takes these factors to the next levels with a smartly engineered cabin where passengers can not just sit but can also stretch and sleep on the seat. The front passenger seat has the flatbed function where a customer can adjust the back support almost flat to make longest drives, pleasant. Other captain seats get arm rest and lumbar so that passengers can adjust their seats to find comfortable positions during long journeys. The air conditioned cabin has air vents on roof to maintain temperature in all the rows.—— Majestically designed dashboard gets glossy wood finish trims which do not fail to please the eyes of passengers.

When it comes to safety, Mahindra has picked up few crucial features to incorporate them into this utility vehicle. To avoid unnecessary situations in the first place, Xylo has ABS with EBD system which takes care of the braking so that they do not get locked which further leads to the vehicle running out of control. The front seats get airbags which come to play when there is a frontal collision. While an engine immobiliser takes care of the security of the automobile, the Intellipark reverse assist and rear wash, wiper and defogger strengthen the driving domain of the customer.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Engine immobiliser
    • Dual AC
    • Flatbed seat
  • Cons

    • Airbags available only in top-end variant