Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Review

By   |  August 6, 2015


The much awaited S-Cross has finally been launched so the question is, has it been worth the wait? The S-Cross is not just a new product as much as a start of the second innings of Maruti Suzuki in the premium space. The S-Cross would also be sold only via their new sales channel called as Nexa so a lot is riding on this new car. The S-Cross is only available with two diesel engines and a manual gearbox. You can have your S-Cross with four variant options (Sigma, Delta, Zeta and Alpha) and five colours.

Powertrain and Performance

The S-Cross is only available in diesel as Maruti says there is just not enough demand for petrols in this segment. The entry level variant is powered by the 1248cc diesel engine that we know so well. It makes 89 bhp and 200 Nm of torque which are respectable figures but you really want the new 1598cc diesel with 118 bhp and an ample 320Nm of torque. The 1.3 diesel comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox while the 1.6 has a six speed one. As we have said the 1.6 adds to the appeal of the S-Cross and is worth the extra you pay over the 1.3. Yes there is lag at the start but after around 1800 revs the torque comes rushing in and then at first it will surprise you with its strong power. The lag accentuates the power delivery and you have to get used to the sharpness of it.

What you will like also is the light clutch and reasonably slick gearbox plus steering is a lot better than the Ciaz. In terms of ride and handling the S-Cross is the best we have seen from Maruti Suzuki. It has fantastic high speed ability and it absorbs bad roads with ease with its decent 180mm ground clearance. Now the S-Cross is no SUV which is good as it does not suffer from lots of body roll and has good grip though better tyres and AWD would make it terrific! Efficiency wise you get 23.65 kmpl in the 1.3 and 22.70 kmpl in the 1.6.

Build and Styling

S-Cross is not an SUV instead it is a crossover and an interesting one at that. It looks unlike anything else and gets our vote for amongst its rivals. The rugged styling elements like silver skid plate, cladding and roof rails match together well with the HID projector headlamps with LED position lamps and chrome grille. Build quality and paint finish is the best we have seen from Maruti. Inside it is again the best interior from Maruti and its class best here. From the way the doors close, the leather seats, the fit and finish, it just feels expensive plus the black interior actually looks a lot better than boring beige. With a 2600mm wheelbase the S-Cross offers lot of space crucially at the rear shoulder room is very good so three at the back is no issue. The seats themselves offer excellent comfort. Boot space is decent.

Features wise you get alloys, leather seats, auto headlamps, dual airbags (standard), reverse parking camera, HID projector headlamps, Smartplay infotainment system (much improved), steering controls, voice commands etc. There is also a smartphone app.


The S-Cross is the best car from Maruti and actually has its own space in the crowded crossover/SUV segment. It has the best of both worlds and is a much better deal than those fake crossovers out there. It looks good, drives well and inside out sports excellent quality. Yes it is not without faults and Maruti could have priced it more aggressively but as things stand, the S-Cross is an excellent product and a desirable one at that along with the peace of mind you get from buying a Maruti Suzuki.