Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Review

By Nitesh Sharma   |  October 13, 2014


Last year, Mercedes launched the G63 AMG in India which is also one of their longest serving vehicles being still in production. G Class is known for its typical boxy shape and powerful driving abilities and the AMG version further enhances the dynamic character of this full size, legendary vehicle. Mercedes brought down this SUV to India nearly a year after its original debut in international markets. What makes this car so royal? Let's find out in detail.

Powertrain & Performance

Merc G 63 AMG is equipped with a very reliable and powerful V8 petrol engine which has all the abilities to make this heavy vehicle weighing around 2.5Tonnes perform like any other sports sedan. The 5.5 L twin turbo engine churns out an utmost power output of 536bhp at 5500rpm. The meaty torque amount of 760Nm also makes sure you never feel the weight of this vehicle as this torque starts coming as soon as 2000rpm. These impressive engine specifications help this full size SUV to sprint from 0-100km/hr in just 5.4seconds leaving many capable sedans red faced. The power delivery is simply amazing and is best enjoyed on stretched roads. The power is supplied to all four wheels with the help of AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7-Tronic transmission giving G63 AMG precise gear shifts as per throttle responses. If pushed hard, G63 can amaze you with its electronically controlled top speed of 210km/hr which always feel just a tap away. The transmission is equipped with Merc's Eco Start/Stop function to improve the fuel efficiency of this SUV. Fuel figures are something which majority of Indians would hate to talk about; expect only around 5-7km/ltr. G63 AMG is also equipped with AMG exhaust system which makes roaring sounds on the go and AMG high performance braking and suspension system which improves the driving dynamics and handling of the car.

Build & Styling

The styling of G63 AMG has been done keeping two important things in mind. First is that it should carry the essence and basic body styling of the original G-Class and secondly, it should be clearly identified as an AMG product. The face of the car particularly gets significant changes which includes the signature AMG radiator twin blades front grille with chrome finishing. The newly added AMG brand bumper with three full size air-inlets also gives it an appealing look and makes it look trendy despite its classic appearance. The bi-Xenon headlights look familiar but the new daytime running LED lights is a new feature in the car. The macho appearance of G 63 AMG further gets enhanced by its massive wheel arches, 20 inched AMG alloy wheels, stainless steel side running boards and twin chromed side exhaust pipes The leather interiors add to the charm of this vehicle and you can also customized your car with optional packages and trims. Mercedes has incorporated G 63 AMG with new AMG instrument cluster with TFT screen, AMG main menu and separate gear display. To make you feel up-market G 63 AMG comes with E SELECT gear lever from SLS AMG and designer leather upholstery and door panelling. As far as features are concerned, G63 AMG comes with re-adjusted ESP with automatic control systems such as Start up Assist and Hold up function with optional trailer coupling. Traction control,front and rear parking sensors, Stability control and four airbags come standard in G63 AMG. Apart from these, you also get Presafe Brake technology, blind spot system and tir pressure monitoring for all wheels


Mercedes-Benz launched the G63 AMG in India at a price of INR 1.45 crores (ex-showroom, Mumbai). Surely, it's only for the few who could love to pay such a hefty price to enjoy royalty, status and legacy. Yes, it may be obscenely expensive but for those who can shell out that much money, no other car comes close to providing such high performance, luxury and being this cool. As a status symbol, the G63 AMG is one of the best that money can buy right now.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Looks.
    • Performance.
    • Status symbol.
  • Cons

    • Very expensive.