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History of Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cars in India

  07 October,2013

Today in India Mercedes has a huge product line-up catering to all requirements whether be it a luxury SUV or a sporty hatch. For India though cars like the GL and A-Class have been a recent phenomenon and the Mercedes that most Indian's relate to is the E-Class

Say the word Mercedes and more often than not most of us conjure up a vision of an E-Class. While the S-Class is the flagship, it is the E-Class that defines the company. Since its introduction in India 23,000 units of the E-Class have been sold and for today let us take a look at its journey in the Indian market.

Mercedes-Benz W124 series

This is a special car for us as this was the first Mercedes-Benz to be officially sold in India. It was assembled in Pimpri and today you can have one today for mouth watering prices. The W124 has been known for its tank like build quality and design will always be timeless.

The 124 series was first introduced in 1984 and it was the first vehicle family from Mercedes-Benz to bear the name E-Class in 1993. It was a big step in luxury and safety with more features offered. Worldwide Mercedes also introduced four-wheel drive in the 124 series. The W124 was an important car as it linked the values what a Mercedes should possess along with new features.

Mercedes-Benz W210 series 

A big step up indeed as the W210 started a whole new design language for Mercedes and it was well recieved worldwide. The styling was new with the four-eyed headlamps and it was a new direction for Mercedes. It had a longer wheelbase when compared to the W124 and had more space. It is also with this E-Class that for the first time there were choices for design and trim levels with Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde.

Mercedes-Benz W211 series

After the success of the W210 the W211 cemented the Mercedes brand in India and again was a big step in various aspects from the previous version though it was an evolution of sorts. The design was sleeker and it had also new technology plus being more luxurious. It had features like active bi-xenon lights and sensor-controlled automatic climate control. It had even better ride and handling and overall it was a big succcess.

Mercedes-Benz W212 Series

Things had changed in the Indian market with the W211 as competitors arrived and the luxury car war intensified with the time of the W212. Thus the arrival of the W212 was important and unlike the W211 this was a huge change design wise. The styling was sharp and inside out the E-Class became a perfect modern take on what a Mercedes saloon should be like. Mercedes had packed the W212 with features like powered seats and many features came as standard. This car contributed heavily to the total E-Class sales.

New Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2013 has been a busy year for Mercedes with no less than six new launches and one of the most important has been the new E-Class. This is what defines Mercedes and without a doubt the most car for Mercedes in India. The new E-Class has over 2000 new parts & components and again styling wise the design is more aggressive and modern. Also for the first time the star has been integrated in the grille itself.

The changes continue with full LED headlamps and LED tail lamps and new interior trim. The interior in itself is more sporty and the equipment list is long. In India the new E-Class is available in diesel 250 CDI Avant-garde and petrol 200 CGI variants. For those who want super car like thrills but without the spills there is also the massively powerful E63 AMG.

The Indian car market has changed and so has the E-Class. The E-Class in its newest avatar is the most potent yet and it seems our love affair with this luxury sedan is set to continue..