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Volkswagen Cross Polo Road Test Review

By   |   17 October,2013

This year you would have noticed Volkswagen has been busy launching new variants of the Polo starting with the GT TSI to the Cross Polo and recently the GT TDI. All this is because the Polo (along with the Vento) are the mainstay of the Volkswagen India range and occupying new segment space is the only logical thing to do.

The GT TSI has been successful and has given the Indian auto enthusiast something to cheer about. Volkswagen Cross Polo on the other hand is a sort of a rugged version of the Polo being Volkswagen's answer to the crossover trend. The question is plain and simple, should you buy the Cross Polo? Here is our quick verdict.

It looks like the Polo has been hitting the gym..

Yup, the Cross Polo looks leaner and meaner than the standard Polo or even the GT variants and sure does look the part. Everywhere we went it grabbed attention. The changes make it more muscular and rugged. We certainly liked the matte black cladding which lends the car an 'outdoor' sort of appeal. At the front you get matte black cladding with silver accents thrown in. The combination of the blacked out section with the silver chin works well and we say it is the best part of the Cross Polo's design.

Move to the side and the 5-spoke alloys and the black cladding with the Cross Polo decals differentiates it from 'other' Polo's. While the front is aggressive the rear is slightly more conservative in comparison though it carries the black cladding with the sliver accents just like the front. What you will also notice is that the Cross Polo gets silver mirrors and roof rails. As a result of these slight modifications the length (17 mm), width (16 mm) and height (21 mm) has been increased a little bit.

I like it, how about the interiors?

Here the changes are minimal. The only change is the ‘Livon’ titanium black upholstery which suits the character of the car though some more sporty bits would have done no harm. The Cross Polo has leather wrapped steering wheel, leather wrapped gearshift knob and handbrake lever handle plus Chrome interior trim. The quality is just superb and since the Cross Polo only comes in top-spec form it has steering contols, Bluetooth, audio system with USB, climate control etc.

How does it drive?

Just like the Polo with the 1.2 TDI engine. It has 74 bhp and performance is smooth though you have to work the gearbox a bit- something that you will not mind with the slick 5-speed manual. What we really liked was the excellent ride quality as it handled broken roads with ease which goes with the nature of the car.

So should I buy it?

The Cross Polo is priced at Rs 7.75 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and many would be quick to point out that Polo GT TDI is only slightly more expensive and it is not an off-roader (the ground clearance of the Cross Polo is the same as the standard Polo). But then that is not the point is it? The Cross Polo looks great, has a superb cabin and offers adequate performance. Volkswagen is merely expanding the Polo's reach and if you want a car that stands out from the crowd, then the Cross Polo is something that you should look at.