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Fiat Linea Classic Test Drive Review

By   |   11 November,2013


The Fiat Linea is not new to me or you and I do not know about you but I think it still looks gorgeous even today thanks to its timeless Italian lines. But today we are not here to talk about that instead we will talk about the Linea in its all new budget avatar. The Fiat Linea Classic has been launched to compete with cars like Honda Amaze and premium hatches like the Hyundai i20. This cut-price version has two variants- Linea Classic and Linea Classic Plus.

Prices start at Rs 5.99 lakh which makes great value so much so to question yourself should you buy a hatch or a style compromised compact sedan? Read on.


At first it seems like a regular Linea but walk closer and the eagle eyed will spot the differences for sure. For starters you do not get alloys instead you get 14 inch steel wheels and you also do not get foglamps. The Classic version gets a black radiator grille while the Classic Plus gets a chrome radiator grille.

The Classic also gets black outside rear view mirrors while the Classic Plus gets them in body colour plus you get metallic colour options in the Classic Plus. There are five colour options with Oceanic Blue, Tuscan Wine, Minimal grey, Hip Hop Black and Pearl White.

While the Classic looks a bit pared down the Classic Plus looks good as any Linea does and it has more presence than any other hatch or compact sedan which is a plus point. The simple yet beautiful lines are untouched and suffice to say it looks good minus some of the bling associated with top-end versions. The build quality is solid and the paint finish is good. Its clear that the Linea Classic looks like a much more expensive car than it actually is.

Interior and features

Step inside and the simple design greets you and quality is decent. The Linea Classic and Classic Plus get the bare essentials while not having features like steering controls, Blue & Me, keyless entry, rear AC vents, climate controls etc.

What you get is Vinyl cloth upholstery, power windows, tilt steering and CD/FM/MP3 player. Mind you the Classic does not get the audio system. We however missed having USB in this car and it forced us to wipe the dust of our CD collection and bring some. Yes the interior tells you more about the cut price philosophy more than the extreior but considering the price its decent though you do get more features elsewhere for this price. Still the space is same as the other Linea's and while the headroom is decent the legroom is good.


The Fiat Linea Classic gets the usual diesel and petrol engines but with a difference in the diesel. While the petrol engine is the same the diesel gets detuned with 75 odd bhp which means it is a drop in power. On paper. You see on driving it the drop in power is not that visible and we do not feel it is slow at all. The credit for that has to be well spread out gear ratios using the poer available effectively.

It feels quick and you would not belive that is slower than the regular Linea. Infact the difference is neglible. Turbo-lag is masked very well and there is lot of torque so that you are not left downshifting a lot. The 5-speed manual is not the most slick but its light and not difficult to use.

The ride and handling continues what is always used for the Linea. The ride is brilliant and it feels like a vault with its toughness though refinement is not as good as we had expected. The car feels stable and body control is quite good.


Prices start at Rs 5.99 lakh for the Classic Petrol, 6.95 lakh for Classic Diesel and 7.5 lakh for Classic Diesel Plus (ex-showroom Delhi). The diesel Classic Plus is the best buy as it is a full size sedan for premium hatch money plus with Fiat expanding its dealer network you do have an increased peace of mind. Yes it lacks some features but the looks, performance from the diesel is more than enough to tempt you.