Road Test

Ford Mustang meets EcoSport

By   |   30 January,2014

Its a foggy morning in Gurgaon and I am waiting for Harsh Gupta to arrive. Turns out minutes later I can hear the V8 rumble and its only getting louder, people around me also stop, being intrigued at what this beast is. Few moments later they need wonder no more as Harsh finally arrives in a 1973 Ford Mustang Grande. Yep, a Ford Mustang.

Now I do not think I need to tell you how much of an icon the Ford Mustang is and how it has captured the imagination of America. Mustang is and always will be an integral part of America and calling it a mere automobile is an insult. So for a fan of muscle cars to see your favourite one in front of you is a knee trembling moment. Pleasantries exchanged Harsh and I decide to go to a nearby area for a photoshoot.

While he jumps into the Mustang I get in the blue car that you see here. Yes the EcoSport, the current champion of the compact SUV segment and without a doubt the biggest launch of last year. There is a reason why its here and thats because the EcoSport is a modern marvel from Ford and that it features the EcoBoost engine plus let me tell you the new gen Ford Mustang just unveiled some time back also features an EcoBoost engine option.

I follow Harsh while we looking for a suitable location to shoot. On reaching I hurriedly get out to give the Mustang a proper look. Turns out I am not alone and a crowd is already starting to form. As said before this is a 1973 Mustang Grande and this car was a big hit proving to be a sales success for Ford. The last of the first gen Mustangs, the 73 model year bought in more changes for the Mustang while growing in size and luxuries. The design is pure muscle and in the flesh it just looks stunning.

The design is low and mean plus this example is just beautiful and in top-notch condition. Step inside and you sit very low but you are surrounded by big controls. The steering wheel is big and so is the gear shifter. The Grande was a well equipped car in those times and despite its low price in the US it was luxurious. The dials, the seats all exude cool and while I can stare at it all day I want to have a go in it.

So I ask Harsh who immediately says yes and gives me the keys. Right. Once I am sitting inside in this low driving position I put this 3-speed Auto to work and immediately this what a different driving experience it provides. The steering is heavy and husting this big beast is not easy but its a challenge and I am loving it.

The whole car reeks of character and the big V8 up front provides masses of torque. I do not get into big speeds but the whole time I am driving it I am grinning from year to year. Drive done and I give the keys back beaming with excitement. Harsh is keen to hear what I say but before I utter a word my face tells it all. The Mustang is and always will be a special car and this wonderful example shows why we love big American classic Muscle cars as they provide an experience unlike any other.

The drive back in the EcoSport provides the connection, the excellent EcoBoost engine and compact dimensions mean this is a car that you love driving. Performance from those 120 odd horses is great and you are unable tell how small this engine is. Refinement too is brillliant- no wonder this engine has won so many awards. In the end you have to say these two machines are brilliant in their own right and more than all that the fact that these two are great Fords is what unites them most.