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Maruti Celerio First Drive Review

By   |   31 January,2014

Whenever Maruti is about to launch a new car we all sit up and notice so its no different this time with the Celerio. The Celerio is the start of a new chapter for Maruti and after a rather quiet 2013 with launching only the Maruti Stingray, it plans a whole array of launches of which this is the first. Read on to know everything that you need to know about the Celerio.

Maruti Celerio Design

The Celerio is based on the A:Wind concept and though the concept styling have been toned down this is a good looking car. The design is not futuristic but pleasant nevertheless. It is a design that everyone will like which is what Maruti wants. Viewed from the front the Celerio looks the best with those sharp headlights and the big grille. The dimensions of the Maruti Celerio include a length of 3600mm, width of 1600mm and height of 1560mm.

Move to the sculpted side and it is certainly much more interesting than a A-Star or Estilo. The rear styling we think is the weakest link as its a bit too plain. But the build quality is good and overall this hatch will be accepted well.

Maruti Celerio Interior

Step inside and you will be impressed by what you see. The Celerio takes massive leaps over the A-Star with its much better quality and design but lags behind the likes of the Hyundai Grand i10. The steering wheel in particular is nice to hold. The Celerio overall has a pleasant cabin much like the exterior.

The design is not futuristic but the cabin is well though out especially with the position of the gear lever which is easy to reach. The Celerio in top spec variant will get all the goodies like like steering controls and Bluetooth. The seats are reasonably comfy but space at the rear is a bit tight especially for three and we would have liked more shoulder room/ legroom. The boot is a reasonable 235 litres.

Maruti Celerio Engine

The Maruti Celerio will only have a 3-cylinder petrol engine for starters. This engine makes around 68 bhp and the Celerio offers peppy performance but you have to rev it to extract the best out of this engine. In the city it feels quicker than the 68 bhp output suggest and that is due to the fact that the Celerio is quite light. Refinement could have been better though. The Celerio is a fun car but what makes it tick is the gearbox.

Maruti Celerio automatic gearbox

The talking point of the Celerio and the bit Maruti is pushing the most. The Celerio has Automated Manual Transmission i.e. a gearbox that is a manual but does not have a clutch. Confused? Read on. This is not a conventional autobox instead it basically provides you do drive clutchless.

You drive it like any other auto but the behind the scenes the action is different to your usual AT gearbox. There is no 'P' mode on the gearbox instead there is a 'R', 'N', 'D' and 'M' mode. In regular D mode its decently responsive for city use and you can also manually shift which is when it is more responsive though the shifts are not smooth enough. You can feel the downshifts and its not as reponsive as we would have liked. Still you have to applaud Maruti for this gearbox as this 'box results greater fuel economy and its cost effective which benefits the customer.

Maruti Celerio Fuel Economy

The biggest plus point of the Celerio AT is the fuel economy as it delivers an efficiency of 23.1 kmpl! This figure betters some of its conventional manual gearbox equipped rivals. Speaking of manual, the efficiency figure is the same for the manual also! Drive carefully and you will get near this figures in the city.

Maruti Celerio Ride and Handling

The Maruti Celerio has a light steering which along with the compact dimensions makes it easy to chuck it around and negotiating traffic is also very easy. The ride is not firm but is just right and stability at high speeds is also good. It feels spirited to drive though the small tyres limit the fun.

Maruti Celerio Price

Maruti has announced the prices and as expected the AT Celerio is the cheapest AT car on sale in India as its cheaper than regular autoboxes. For those who want the old-school manaual there is that as well. The Celerio will be available in three variants with the Lxi being the base variant and the next one is the VXi (pictured here) gets power windows, wheel covers along with the basic features present in the LXi like power steering, Aircon. The Celerio manual starts from Rs 3.7 lakhs ex-showroom and the Celerio AT starts from 4.14 lakh which is just fantastic value.

The ZXi has features like an intergrated audio system, steering contols Bluetooth etc which the AT version does not come with as the AT version only comes in LXi and VXi. That means to have the AMT Celerio you have to sacrifice some features though Maruti could have offered the Celerio in top-spec variant as some might have wanted it.

In the end the Celerio is an impressive car but it truly shines especially with the AT version and its yet another potential success for Maruti. We recommend the AMT Celerio over the manual gearbox equipped version as its better value.


Length 3600 mm

Height 1560 mm

Width 1600 mm

Torque 90 Nm / 3500 rpm

Power 68 ps / 6000 rpm

Wheel Base 2425 mm

Fuel Efficiency 23.1 kmpl

Turning Radius 4.7 meters

Kerb weight 810 kgs 830 kgs (full options)

Boot Space 235 litres

Ground Clearance 165 mm