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2014 Hyundai Verna Diesel First Drive Review

By   |   19 February,2014

The Hyundai Verna in its current generation avatar has been hugely successful and has done much better than its predecessor. It is all due to the fact that it is feature loaded plus has the now well known Hyundai design language which needless to say has been accepted well in India and all over the world.

The Verna however off late has been at the recieving end of some stiff competition and that is the new Honda City. Plus with Volkswagen launching the Vento TSI and Maruti readying its next SX4 (Ciaz) it was time for Hyundai to give its midsizer some tweaks. What you see here is the 2014 Hyundai Verna and we will tell you what all has changed. Read on.


The Verna facelift 2014 can be easily identified by its front-end and thats where most of the changes are concentrated on. The front now gets LED DRLs which adds style to the looks and actually this is something many customers were wanting! There is also projector headlamps.

Then there is the cool new alloys. The LED DRL's alter the front look and it now also attracts quite some attention. The Verna also has 'Safety Escort headlamps' and LED turn indicators on outside mirrors. The list of changes to the exteriors end there. The LEDs, projector headlamps plus the safety escort lamps are only on the top-end SX(O) variant.


Again nothing big here and to be honest nothing needed to be changed anyways. The Verna always had premium interiors with a long feature list. The steering wheel controls and window switches have a blue-backlight which looks cool. The Verna has very good quality overall. The feature list includes smart key with start button, rear view camera, Bluetooth, steering controls, cooled glovebox, 2DIN MP3, USB and iPOD cable, audio remote etc Space is decent though there is lack of thigh support and headroom at the rear.


There are no major changes here and the 1.4 diesel/petrol and 1.6 diesel/petrol continue here. The 1.6 diesel is our choice for its torque and smooth nature though the 1.4 is not exactly slow. The 1.4 to many offers enough performance plus has good economy and value so to many the 1.4 will suffice.

The Verna has alyways been known for its good ride but its not-so-good handling and the fact that its suspension is too soft. Hyundai has worked on that and it now seems much better though a long drive is needed to completely confirm it. The stability at high speeds has been improved in this car. The steering is light but this makes it effortless in the city which ultimately what owners like.

Price and Value

Prices start at Rs 7.4 lakh for the base model and go all the way to the top model at around Rs 11.7 lakh. Though these updates are not huge they are welcome and it will come in handy for this midsizer to face its rivals. The Verna is a good looking midsizer with lots of features plus its easy to drive and now its even better than before.