Road Test

Audi S4 Road Test

By   |   26 May,2014

This is fast. Really fast. The S4 speedo now enters some big digits and as the revs climb higher the S4 sounds glorious. So much so that I want to keep visiting the redline every time just to hear that supercharged V6. Drive over. I climb out shaking my head in disbelief that the S4 is a completely different animal from the A4 and also one of the best cars that Audi makes.

First of all let me roll out the facts. Audi S4 as the name suggests is a sports sedan and the sportiest avatar of the A4 that you can buy in India. While there are more hardcore Audi's available in RS form the S4 says that it offers sports car performance with all the practicality of an A4.

As is the way with these things it's the engine that is the centerpiece of the discussion. A 3.0 TFSI Supercharged 6-cylinder petrol with 330 bhp and a massive 440Nm of torque. Along with this much power you get a potent 7-speed DSG gearbox and of course the Quattro 4-wheel drive system.

The result then is that performance is truly extraordinary at any gear, any revs. Thanks to healthy low-end torque performance there is no lag and a small dab at the accelerator is all what it takes. While this makes the S4 easy to drive in the city once you get open roads and floor it then the engine turns the car into a sports car with that superb sound track egging you on. Top-speed is 250 kmph which you will reach quite quickly as the 0-100 kmph time is just 5 seconds. The gearbox is brilliant and suited to this engine with its sharp responses.

Then there is the Audi Drive Select. Basically here the driver can choose the characteristic of the accelerator, the shift points of the automatic transmission, the power steering and the automatic air conditioning between the four modes "comfort," "auto," "dynamic" and "efficiency." There is also an Individual mode where you can choose what you want from all these modes. So if you are going to work you can choose comfort and for a Sunday morning drive you can choose dynamic.

We kept it in dynamic all of the time and that's because the S4 feels its best there. Steering was spot-on (if a smidgen light for me) and the ride though firm was not uncomfortable at all.

Thanks to the Quattro system grip is phenomenal and you can explore the limits of the car easily and it gives you the confidence to push more. Oh and I have not even talked about its looks or interiors yet. This is a subtle car and if you choose any sober colour nobody would know what kind of firepower lies under the bonnet.

There are subtle hints of performance with the S4 badging all over the place, stunning 18 inch alloys, quad exhausts, V6 T badge and aluminium finish rear view mirrors. It is lower and looks a lot more aggressive over the standard A4 but in comparision to the amount of power it has, this is subtle.

Inside, quality is as usual fabulous and you have to say that the design of Audi interiors are just classy. The S4 is again peppered with some sporty details like new three-spoke steering wheel, sport seats and you guessed it lots of S4 badging. The all black interior with aluminium detailing is just special and overall this is a lovely cabin.

So, priced at Rs 50 lakh, should you buy the S4? If you have the money then absolutely because the S4 has so much more character than the standard A4 and that engine note is alone worth the price. The S4 is a bargain when you factor in the performance available plus the fact that you can drive it every day only sweetens the deal. I want one.