Rolls Royce Wraith Review

By Amithash Bhatt   |  September 27, 2013


Historically there have been very few iconic marques which have produced automobiles which break out of the shells of consumer centricity. Rolls-Royce is one of these paramount brands which possess an unparalleled image in the global car world. India being a major economic centre in Asia gets some of the sensational automobiles from Rolls-Royce, the recent one being the Wraith. Speaking about this spectacular machine, one finds the theme of this car to be something truly unique for a Rolls-Royce. The automobile is put together on the platform of the super-luxury saloon Ghost and the major change is seen on the roof of this grand car which slopes down towards the tailgate. Yes, it is a fastback Rolls-Royce, but is not quite the sporty piece which cannot be expected from this U.K based super-luxury car maker. As all other siblings, the Wraith is colossal in luxury, in driving smoothness, in functionality and as an addition it is swift compared to other models in Rolls-Royce portfolio. The model was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2013 and the company through this automobile broke out of its shell of making traditional super-rich saloons which stood for their luxuriousness. Not getting completed deviated from their core objective of making grand wagons the car maker has given the Wraith an extra bit of contemporary attitude with its coupe roof-line. For Indian audience, it will be a pleasure to witness this automobile driven on our roads.

Rolls-Royce Wraith is packed with supreme technological features to an extent where the car with the help of its GPS can visualise the condition of the road ahead much before and ensure the 8-speed automatic transmission unit works accordingly to deliver top-class driving quality. Like other cars, Rolls-Royce lets consumers customise their Wraith to exceptional level, giving a personalised grand identity to individual owners.

Powertrain & Performance

Rolls-Royce cars have always had hearts as rich as their cabin and as great as their dignified attitude. The Wraith takes this forward and brings a whole new dimension for a Rolls-Royce. Having a 6.6L V12, the Wraith can run on massive power of 624 bhp @ 5600 rpm with a terrific torque of 800 Nm @ 1500-5500 rpm. This power breathing mill is the advanced version of BMW N74 series engines which is part of Ghost platform as well. Unlike the 6.6L mill in Ghost which gives out lesser power and more ease of driving, the 5592 cc powerhouse in Wraith is designed to keep the automobile quicker and smoother. It is a twin-turbocharged mill which can let Wraith touch 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, which is very fast for a luxurious automobile of this stature. Adding on to this abundance power, there is a supremely advanced 8-speed automatic transmission as part of the powertrain where gear shift can get so sophisticated to an extent that GPS data can sense the road ahead and let this gearbox work smoothly as per the condition of the road.

Needless to speak about the suspensions and chassis of a Rolls-Royce, but add more juice, the Wraith gets its suspensions designed to be suitable for the quickness of its powertrain while not letting an inch low on monarchic luxuriousness.

Build & Styling

One sight of the Wraith and you definitely know that it is a Rolls-Royce. The wide-track, chunky broad shoulders, the thick chrome grille, bulged out bonnet platform carrying the Spirit of Ecstasy ornament undoubtedly gives this automobile a Rolls-Royce look even in darkness. With dimensions of 5269 mm X 1947 mm X 1507 mm the Wraith looks like a king’s wagon when on road. The major refreshment to all its gloriousness lies on the back of the car where it gets a fastback design for better aerodynamics. As per the company specs, with this coupe design and other aerodynamic inclusions, the aerodynamic factor which involves coefficient of drag and overall surface area comes up to 2.54 sq-mt. In three simple words, the Wraith is fat, grand and very quick to vanish out of the sight, leaving the audience stand still for its beauty.

Rolls-Royce automobiles have always been built from inside out and the Wraith is no exception from this tradition. With highly skilled craftsmen working on the tailoring the cabin with top-class Phantom-grade leather and thick wool, the consumer can do nothing but feel warm about the care taken in building this super-rich cabin. Comfort being the soul around which the cabin is built, Rolls-Royce has also ensured to showcase its design finesse through elements like Spirit of Ecstasy rotary control over the centre console which can operate audio system with ease. Optional open grain wood inlays become a distinguishing aesthetic factor in the Wraith.

Being huge in terms of luxuriousness and power, this Rolls-Royce feels like a safe nest from the inside, thanks to its ABS, ventilated brakes, Stability Control and Traction Control equipment which take care of every drive. Further, there are airbags in the cabin and tough structures in the body which minimize the possibilities of injuries to passengers.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Satellite Aided Transmission
    • Super-rich Cabin
    • Powerful Engine
  • Cons

    • Expensive