Tata GenX Nano Review

By   |  May 22, 2015


Few cars ever had the hype surrounding their launch as much as the Tata Nano did before its launch in India back in 2009. However, being the first time that Tata Motors forayed into this segment, the Nano faced a lot of teething troubles. Now, Tata has changed priorities after realising that people are willing to fork out that extra bit of cash for a better car and they have launched the first majorly overhauled version of this hatchback. Called the Tata GenX Nano, we tell you all that you need to know about it.

Powertrain and Performance

Pop the bonnet of this car and you will find...the spare tyre, the fuel filler receptacle, some other bits and bobs, but not the engine! That is because the 624cc, 2 cylinder petrol engine is at the back of the car. The motor has been untouched and, in the GenX Nano, produces the same 37.5 bhp as it did in the outgoing Nano. The big news is that, in addition to the 4 speed manual gearbox, buyers can opt instead for a 5 speed AMT. This is great news since the GenX Nano will spend most of its life in crowded city streets than on highways and therefore, an AMT hugely increases the appeal of this car. The gearbox does take time to shift up or down through the gears, but it was never an irritation. However, we did feel that the refinement of the engine needs to be improved. The driving range, which was sometimes a cause for worry due to its tiny size in the older Nano, has now been increased by 9 litres to a size of 24 litres. Also, the 180mm ground clearance means that this car can go over most speed bumps without scraping its own under-body. All in all, the GenX Nano will excel in driving around in urban environments.

Build and Styling

The car is unmistakably a Nano but there are several significant differences when compared to its predecessor. The GenX Nano has a wide smiling front grille with an infinity motif pattern in it. The headlamps now have a smoked look and are surrounded by black bezels. There is also a piano black bonnet garnish. The same infinity pattern is also present in the grille at the rear of the car. Unlike the outgoing car, the boot of the GenX Nano can actually be opened. Unfortunately, the driver will have to get out of the car and physically use the key to open it as there is no door handle or remote opening facility. Inside, there are several changes. The steering wheel is new and from the Tata Zest. The instrument binnacle is also an all new unit and contains a distance-to-empty readout, real-time and average fuel consumption figures, 2 trip meters and so on. The audio system in the GenX Nano is an AmphiStream unit with USB, bluetooth and aux support. Other features include two glove compartments, front power windows, a surprisingly powerful AC, a 12 volt DC power outlet and so on.


Tata Motors has worked to make the Nano better looking and more appealing by equipping it with more features. After driving this car, we feel that the desirability factor of the GenX Nano is definitely several notches higher than the outgoing model. With prices pegged at perfectly reasonable levels, the GenX Nano should enjoy far more success than its predecessor ever did.