Tata Nano Review

By Amithash Bhatt   |  August 16, 2013


Tata seems to be working on the language of youngsters to increase the presence of its globally acknowledged mini car Nano. The recent updates on this model and the marketing campaigns undertaken by the company clearly indicate the new strategy of this Indian auto giant. Tata Nano has transformed itself into a peppy and lively car in its new attire. Although the changes are clearly visible on the new Nano, Tata has played safe game when it comes to pricing of the upgraded car. Growing young and enthusiastic while retaining its practicality and efficiency, the mini car which stunned the world for its cost effectiveness has got better. But do the changes manage to pull in more consumers into Nano base? Reviewing the features and facts will tell us the story.

The upgraded Tata Nano comes out in three variants as before which are the STD, CX and LX variants. To add more juice to the mini car Tata has come up with some attractive new colour shades like Cornflower Blue, Dazzle Blue and Royal Gold. Other colour options include Meteor Silver, Mojito Green, Papaya Orange, Pearl White, Rouge Red and Serene White. The availability of colour shades varies from variant to variant in the new Nano.

Powertrain & Performance

Nano is never known for speed but is recognised for the wonder that comes out from its two-cylinder engine. The car does enough to cruise through city roads at decent speeds with a smoothly operating 4-speed manual gearbox. Its 624 cc petrol motor is designed to develop 37.5 bhp @ 5250-5750 rpm. Peak torque for this engine is rated as 51 Nm @ 3500-4500 rpm. Its lightweight body and precisely coupled gears do not let the driver down while overtaking in cities. The high torque means Nano can easily take on inclinations. Although the noise of engine may disturb people outside the car, the company has worked on reducing the NVH levels within Nano’s cabin.

The suspensions focus on providing better stability in different types of roads and work well enough to keep the drive comfortable. The brakes with boosters are designed to provide better control of the vehicle at all speeds.

Build & Styling

Tata Nano, which is specifically built for Indians, has always been a cute car when it comes to looks and personality. To make this mini car more gorgeous the auto maker has brought in some dazzling colour shades like Royal Gold and Dazzle Blue. The LX variant looks great with body coloured bumpers and chrome strips to decorate its front and rear. Standing tall both dimensionally and in personality, the upgraded Nano can clearly spread its aura among the younger generation and become one of the most desirable mini cars, purely for its looks. The headlamps, the turn indicators and fog lamps are all styled wonderfully to match the character of Nano. Blackened window strips and tip-tap ORVM make the car look more premium and contemporary.

The spacious interior of Tata Nano has now turned more aesthetically appealing because of the beautification done by designers at Tata. The upgraded Nano now has two new colour schemes which are trendy sporty black and premium beige. The dashboard remains the same in its simplicity but has silver metallic trim to make the space more alluring. AmphiStream audio system integrated in the dashboard has Bluetooth connectivity and speakers which get panels that match exterior colour tones. Tata has also increased the size of steering wheel to make it easier for the driver. Seats are perfectly designed to provide proper support and comfortable seating positions. Reclining and sliding facility on front seats give more flexibility to driver and front passenger in terms of seating posture.

While designing the world’s cheapest car Tata was very much concerned about the reliability and safety of the model. The marque had conducted rigorous tests to ensure better safety. Right from the basic structure Nano incorporates strength to avoid dangers. Intrusion beam integrated into doors and additional reinforcements in the body keep the cabin safe when there is a collision while booster-assisted brakes can avoid such instances in first place.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • AC
    •  AmphiStream Audio System with Bluetooth Connectivity
    •  Reclining Seats
  • Cons

    • Safety can be improved