Volkswagen Polo Review

By   |  July 18, 2014


The Polo lineage has a long history in the hands of Volkswagen. The current model available in the Indian market is one of the best and has received many awards in auto shows worldwide. The German automaker is known for quality products worldwide and this is unchanged in the Indian market as well. The Volkswagen Polo is a result of combining comfort with functionality in an efficient way. The Volkswagen Polo is available in both petrol and diesel engine options. Customers can buy the Polo in one of three trim levels namely, Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. Copper Orange, Candy White, Night Blue, Flash Red, Carbon Steel and Reflex Silver are the paint colour options for the new VW Polo.

Powertrain & Performance

The Volkswagen Polo is available in both petrol and diesel engine options. The 1198 cc petrol engine makes use of 3 cylinders placed in-line with a common rail injection system which sprays in the optimum amount of fuel at the start of each cycle. This reduces both fuel consumption and emission levels from the engine. The engine generates a torque output of 110 Nm and a peak power figure of 74 bhp. The performance of the engine is good at mid to high range speeds. On the other hand, the 1498 cc diesel engine makes use of a turbocharged direct injection technique and gives out a power of 89 bhp. The maximum torque delivered by this engine is 230 Nm, which ensures that rumbling about at slow city speeds will not be a hassle at all. The Polo uses a 5 speed manual transmission system, whether it is powered by the petrol or the diesel motors, to transmit the power of engine to the wheels. The company claimed mileage for petrol and diesel engines are 16.47 kpl and 20.14 kpl respectively. The Volkswagen Polo has McPherson struts with a stabiliser bar and semi-independent trailing arm to act as suspension for front and rear wheels respectively. The driver gets the benefit of electronic power steering for an effortless driving experience. The turning radius of this vehicle is 4.97 metres, which means it is easy to squeeze this car around tight corners.

Build & Styling

The front grille of the Volkswagen Polo has been revamped with a single chrome strip and the brand logo. The bumper also gets a wide band of chrome running the entire width of the car. The body is very well built and its design lines create an attractive appearance. The front bumper houses fog lamps that have also received some restyling which adds style to the car. These fog lamps also take care of the supplemental illumination needs of the driver in low visibility conditions. The roof spoiler on the rear carries a high mounted brake light making the brake application indication more visible to the vehicles behind the car, thereby increasing safety. The paint job is very thorough and makes use of multiple coats of paint so that it is more resistant to nicks and scratches. The car gets a new 3 spoke steering wheel with control buttons integrated into it for the audio system and bluetooth telephony. The interior of the new Polo is designed for style, comfort and convenience. The dashboard is neatly trimmed from good quality materials which feel hard wearing. Chrome trims at selected areas and a leather cover on the steering wheel and around the gear knob increases the premium feel of the interior of the Polo. The air conditioning does its job very well no matter what the outside conditions are like. The steering wheel can be adjusted in two axes to suit the driving posture. Volkswagen has built the car with quite a few safety features as well. Airbags for both front occupants, cornering lights, ABS, an engine immobiliser with floating code, 3-point seat belts, high-mounted third brake light and fog lights are all standard features on this car.


The Polo is a fantastic little hatchback and it is no wonder that car buyers in India went gaga over it when it was released. This car packed quite a wallop in terms of comfort, safety and performance without being ludicrously high priced. The saying goes if it is not broken, do not fix it and VW have followed exactly that. Apart from its improvements, the new Polo keeps all the good bits of the old Polo and the end result is a car that is even better than the one it replaced.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Looks good
    • Good list of features
    • Zippy performance
  • Cons

    • Rear legroom is a bit cramped